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Pacific Net America: Competence

Our First core competence is facilitating International Trade with innovative services tailored to Client Needs.

PNA's fundamental activity is providing transaction services - more specifically, acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers who want to import, export, or engage in offshore or domestic trading activities. For example, for exporters PNA cultivates markets overseas and for importers locates raw materials or product sources that meet their needs. Typically, PNA is involved throughout the course of its clients' transactions, assuming risks accompanying the transfer of goods and collecting payments. To facilitate smooth customer transactions, PNA draws upon the capabilities described here - capabilities that are an integral part of its transaction services.

Our Second core competence is working with our global clientele to Create New Trade Flows and New Business.

The range of services PNA offers includes providing advice on taxation and potential tie-up partners, and knowledge of legal matters and local business practices. Its services also extend to assisting in the establishment of join ventures and in recruitment and employment matters. We work with large and small companies - from entrepreneurs who are exploring their first overseas markets to corporates who've been selling their products successfully all over the globe for many years.We offer a wide range of services. From providing opportunities and business leads for your products or services to market monitoring which allows you to regularly trace and respond to changes in market conditions, competitor activity or potential threats.


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